Your business has been doing fine without a website or a Facebook page.  You’ve got your trusty loyal customers and their good word has been bringing in enough folks to keep the wheels rolling along.  Why hire us?  What can Top Shelf bring to your company that it currently doesn’t have?

The honest truth is that you’re likely not even aware of opportunities that are just waiting for you to take advantage of them.  Could your business benefit from engaging both new customers and loyal standbys in many new formats and platforms?  That’s what we do.  We’re experts in communication and engagement.  Building a website is great (we’ll certainly take care of that for you), but simply having a website doesn’t put you at the forefront of getting peoples’ attention (aka “brand management” in marketing speak) any longer.  Having a website that provides users with a positive initial impression that stands out amongst the roaring waves most users hear when they surf the internet is just the beginning.  What we do is make sure that your messaging and goals are consistent from your new and improved business cards, to your social media pages, to your sparkling new website and engaging monthly newsletter.

Top Shelf is a one-stop shop for all of your communication needs.  We know how to do everything from creating an automated email service to creating and ordering a customized banner for your next trade show.  Do you need some writing done that really places your company in the right light?  We’re professional authors who’ve co-authored a book that has sold thousands of copies, as well as having penned numerous columns in publications such as the Globe and Mail and National Post.  Need a new logo created without any hassle?  We’ll present you with several attractive options in a timely fashion.  We’re not into humble bragging.  We know that Top Shelf can help your business and we’re not afraid to explain how.  We’re confident in our abilities because we learned them while working on our own projects and look forward to putting the lessons we learned to work for you.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a quick email.  We don’t do boardrooms, receptionists, hard sells, or drawn out business lunches.  We pride ourselves on a commitment to timely communication, and promise that you get to talk to the folks that are actually designing your site or helping to write your sales letter.

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