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Global & Introductory Elements

This is the most common content to appear on an introductory homepage, as well as in the consistent header and footer of the site.
Typically a few words that describe what you do
This is typically max 2 sentences (often just one) that describes exactly what you do and occasionally why you're a better option than your competition.
Preferred format is a PNG file with a transparent background, otherwise we'll be forced to use the same header colour as your logo's background colour.

About & Contact

Tell us all about you and your business. Include biographical info, history of the business, employees, etc. If you need to send over more images, attach the most important ones here and we'll get the rest later on in the process.
his is used to place an interactive map on your site to show people where you're located. If you'd prefer we provide an area, just enter the area, such as "Downtown Halifax"
This is the address you'd like us to configure your contact form to send to.

Provide your Social Media URLs so we can add links to your social profiles on your website