If you’ve seen the movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, or even better, read the original book written by one of my favorite authors – Michael Lewis, then you know the value of data.  If understanding the metrics involved in your business can help the Oakland Athletics beat the New York Yankees think about what it can do for you.

When we started making our own websites and purchasing others in order to expand our online footprint, we quickly learned the value of understanding data and measuring results.  The problem is that many of the folks that are experts in matters such as search engine optimization and digital analytics have a hard time explaining what it is exactly that they do, what they hope to achieve, and how anyone will know if it has worked.  This is where we come in.

We promise to break down the incoming communication data that should form the backbone of the new feedback loop your company will thrive on.  How do new consumers find out about you?  When visitors come to your website where do they go first?  Is there a better way to streamline communications in order to funnel traffic from social media sites to your sales page?  We’ll answer any questions you have and explain why we recommend what we recommend until you’re completely satisfied.

Sometimes we won’t know the answer right away.  For example, which wording converts the most casual viewers into first-time buyers?  In cases like this we’ll explore several options simultaneously and test new approaches until we find the one that is the best fit.  There is a massive value to constantly measuring incoming feedback and then adjusting your dynamic strategy to meet new trends and objectives.

Billy Beane (the manager that created Moneyball) realized that his industry (baseball) was blind to a lot of meaningful information because traditional ways of evaluating players and success revolved around “gut feelings” and “the eye test”.  Because scouts were constantly looking at a player’s biceps instead of the results that he ultimately produced they were unconsciously creating weaknesses in their on-field product.  When Billy was able to correct these inefficiencies by collecting and analyzing data the Oakland Athletics set a new standard for what a small-market baseball team was capable of.

We want to put Moneyball to work for you.  We’ll explain the data and our analysis of it to you and then you can make informed decisions instead of guessing at “what feels right”.

Billy Beane and the Oakland As haven’t won the World Series yet, but any time you get Brad Pitt to star in a movie about you, we figure you must be doing something right.

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